Holds Nothing Back In Note To Fans About Canceling Tour

‘I’m never gonna be perfect’ says Justin Bieber

Why? He gave fans a much-deserved explanation Wednesday night (August 2) on Instagram. In a refreshingly honest post, he acknowledged how “blessed” he is — but also emphasized that he needs to protect the longevity of his career and, well, his life in general.”Me taking this time right now is me saying I want to be SUSTAINABLE,” he wrote. “I want my career to be sustainable, but I also want my mind heart and soul to be sustainable. So that I can be the man I want to be, the husband I eventually want to be and the father I want to be.”Read his full message below.

His words, grammar errors and all, remind us that Bieber is only human, and humans aren’t perfect. After performing 154 shows across six continents — and an unfortunate run-in with a photographer — it’s understandable that he needs a minute to catch his breath before churning out his next chart-topping song.

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