Nigerian man pens down an interesting piece about “Yahoo Boys”

yahoo - Nigerian man pens down an interesting piece about “Yahoo Boys”
Written by Ayomide

Still on the ever trending ‘internet fraudster AKA Yahoo Boys’ saga, a young Nigerian man known as Scofied O Idehen on Facebook has written the fantasy of fraudsters in a lovely piece about “Yahoo boys”.

man2 8 - Nigerian man pens down an interesting piece about “Yahoo Boys”

Sharing the photo above, he wrote:

“Hurray BOY While sitting at my window today endeavoring to grasp the measure of duty on my shoulders I heard a kid say: If I was a YAHOO BOY� Living in a patio flat with a kill ruler to wipe the codeine out of my mouth with a kiss while I breeze off to see my infant mom in my new 4matic my oyibo customer simply sent cash for as of late.

I will chill in a 5star inn where individuals are paid to grin when they see me taking selfie at the inn campaign why my dad age wheels down my pack to a holding up stay with another discover lying on the lounge chair to make sure she could money out a portion of those notes�� I would carry on with a fantasy life notwithstanding for a couple of moment with my haircut appearing as though I just woke up from a 1year trance state.

I will run and escape the law authorization organization and conceal my iPhone 8 at whatever point I see a hilux, to make sure you know, it a player in the excite, the primary concern that makes everything fun and when I am gotten… … #thisisnigeria #POS #transfer #350,000 I will go to the club and purchase pine box heap of Champagne at a companions companion party I was not welcomed to while my mum can’t recollect the last time she ate meat pie. ��its part of the fast track, its piece of the high voltage, while should I give it a second thought.

All things considered, sunrise wherever burst. Living off individuals’ sweat like the short life expectancy of a mosquito that couldn’t move the hard slap of the real world. Knowing tomorrow isn’t sure however for what reason should I give it a second thought, today is adequate But I am not a YAHOO kid he stated, I can never be one.

To each one of those out there contemplating the short pick up, plan for an impressive future and think right pleasant night… I am Mr Animator

man3 10 - Nigerian man pens down an interesting piece about “Yahoo Boys”

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