Woman Dies After A 5-Day S3* With Her 60-year-old Lover In Lagos

5 day 1 - Woman Dies After A 5-Day S3* With Her 60-year-old Lover In Lagos
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5 Day 1

Homicide detectives attached to Ilemba Hausa Police Station, Lagos State, have launched investigation into the death of Mrs. Joy Vincent, who died after an alleged marathon sex with her lover, Mr. Stephen Uwa, 60, at the Isashi area of the metropolis on Thursday. The police have arrested Uwa and some of his friends for questioning.

The suspect was said to have dragged his lover’s body back to her apartment, abandoned it after she died in his home. Uwa claimed he made love to the woman from Sunday till Thursday before she gave up the ghost. It was learnt that Vincent visited Uwa in his apartment at No. 8, Adeniji Street, Isashi on March 18.

She later died in his apartment after an alleged marathon sex with Uwa. Uwa, to avoid being accused of killing Vincent, took the body back to her apartment at Oshija Arigba Street, Zone Five, Imude area on March 22, arbout 11a.m. He carefully placed her on the bed as if she was sleeping and bolted. According to police preliminary investigations, on that fateful Thursday morning, Uwa, alongside three unknown persons came in a vehicle and parked in front of the house of the deceased.


5 Day


A neighbor, who offers basic supply in the following building, located them and disclosed to Uwa that Vincent was not at home. The neighbor, who talked on state of namelessness, stated: “The beau asked for that the last child of his darling, Ikechukwu, be called to come back from school. When Ikechukwu returned, the presume gathered the entryway key to their room from him and requested that the kid call his close relative who carries on a couple of squares from their home.” Vincent’s first child, Chuks, stated: “I wasn’t at home when it happened, however Ikechukwu said that Uwa came into the house with an auto in the organization of a man and two other ladies.

When they crashed into the compound, one of our neighbors disclosed to them that no one was at home. He at that point asked for that they call my more youthful sibling, Ikechukwu, whose school isn’t a long way from our home. “At the point when Ikechukwu brought the key, Uwa disclosed to him that my mom was debilitated and asked for the entryway key. Ikechukwu gathered the key from our neighbor and offered it to Uwa.

He advised Ikechukwu to go and call Aunty Esther, who lives at Alafia Street. Prior to my sibling and Aunty Esther could return, Uwa and his companions had headed out. They laid my mom’s body on the bed, secured her body with garments and she seemed as though she was dozing. “Despite everything I can’t trust my mom is no more. She was sound before she cleared out home for Uwa’s place.

I need police to examine the issue appropriately.” Esther, Vincent’s cousin, clarified that instantly she got to her sister’s home, she found Vincent’s beau and his companions had brought her home, yet had rapidly cleared out. She stated: “I presumed something wasn’t right. My doubt was affirmed when I went into my sister’s room. I discovered her inert body secured with garments. I thought she was resting. I raised the caution, which pulled in her neighbors. We went straight to the police headquarters to report what had happened.”

At the point when Uwa was in the end captured, he told the police that the perished went to his home on Sunday, however by Thursday, began griping about stomach torments. She requesting that he take her to her home. Uwa stated: “As at the time I took her home, she was as yet alive, yet oblivious. I cherish her. We have been as one for around three years now. I didn’t utilize her for custom.

She just came to visit me, and we made love that Sunday till Thursday morning, before she began whining of stomach torment. She at that point requesting that I take her home. She was as yet oblivious when I brought home. I lament dumping her body. I took after her guideline; she instructed me to take her home, that she would be fine.”

The remaining parts of Vincent have been kept at the funeral home in Badagry General Hospital. The state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), SP Oti Chike, said that Uwa and two ladies who helped him to take Vincent’s body home were captured on Friday night. He stated: “The presume conceded that the perished went to his home on Sunday and dozed over and toward the beginning of the day she began whining of stomach torments. She requesting that he take her home. He said as at the time he took her home, she was as yet alive, however oblivious. “Examination is as yet progressing. The suspects will be exchanged to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) for assist examination and arraignment.”


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