Tunde Ednut Shades Naija Celebrities

Tunde Ednut
Written by Ayomide

Tunde Ednut

Tunde Ednut shades naija famous people by trolling them with a screen capture of Rihanna’s instagram post.

“With 60million adherents, they labeled her and she has posted them twice. Our VIPs never at any point achieve 10million, them go imagine like say them no dey see anything wey dey continue for online networking. Some won’t care for your post when you enable them to advance. They trust it’s their privilege for you to post their Sh!t. At any rate, we can’t generally remain on that table, we will descend from it one day on the grounds that the table go tire for you. Na wood nau.”


riri - Tunde Ednut Shades Naija Celebrities

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