Hybrid Sosa | Serena + Raba

Samuel john Roberts
Written by Ayomide

Hybrid Sosa | Serena + Raba

hybrid sosa

Hybrid Sosa, the new kid on the block premieres with serena and Raba. You should check this out…

Samuel john Roberts was conceived in February 1995. He experienced childhood in difderent parts of nigeria. Conceived in jos and later moving to lagos, benue state and abuja . His music style is made out of various sorts set up together, Mainly raggae , afrobeats and hip bounce.

He is an alum of Coventry college in England where he graduated with a degree in business and human asset administration. He discharged his first tune in 2015 in the UK with a video titled “No Care” created by the unbelievable mekoyo. After a long break he dropped his first single discharged in Abuja Nigeria “Raba” in 2017, he is lining it up with this crisp new wavy sound tittled “SERENA” created by Elykingz.






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