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Dey Gonna hate but i’ma ride still /
Lock me out the gates but ill arrive still /
Cut off my debate cossaf how i feel.
Ye blood ima say wot the hell i feel /


Fuck wot u seen on television.
Talk about a one army I’m d definition /
I Make my own beats, mix master my own shit/
Bruh wen see me come thru, no go slow shift /

I can’t be ur shoes bro, Ur rap socks/
turn it down now clown that sucks
Yeparipa this wan no be bobo ,y’all already know I’m the bro
bringing back that sauce.

International I no be local bro
my street cred up like baba sulia for oyingbo.
I be the hottest nigga in ur adugbo.
Non smoker but I go dey blaze till I darugbo.

Now I hear your new crew dey be trying to diss me.
I know you crazy but don’t try that shit Bob it’s risky.
I know you crazy but don’t try that shit Bob risky
I know u crazy but? Do you really wanna fuck with me/

I put u on the spot so u hot now/
Stupid slut she tryna take shots now/
My blood dey hot now / try am dis year
I no go restart ur career,I swear na permanent shutdown

No one does it better than me man
Na wetin make Cynthia no wan free man
Morgan with the flow I’m a God bro.
Sweep ur mind away like a canoe in the flood bro.

Me I no dey famz any man
I hear the man before I cheer the man
I hear the plan before I cheer the man.
I cheer the man wen I fear the plan.

I never reached out to anybody sign me.
I really ain’t got big names behind me/
No big cheques but I’m making impact /
Now tell me how many of u lil cats could beat that/

Not a G boy ( yahoo boy ) but I’m a Gee boy
I’m the d real deal this other rappers decoys.
Dey gat nill skills / still steal style.
They will kneel before the real I’ll or ima crunch him like a cereal.


Instagram followers dey make ur head swell.
Ur head big enuf, meen u don’t need more head girl.
You better Give ur sef some head girl .
But no give another man daughter head or shes a dead girl.

Its time y’all wack ass rappers of the fucking cypher.
Wipe them off and tie ur lives in a fucking Diaper.
Who the fucking greatest? it i sir.
No try come against me, ogbeni u go dye sir.

Ro , Please bro, please know
I’m all about that cheese bro,
Don’t try to stop wen I go about my biz bro.
Or ima leave u hanging in the air like a wiz bro .


Or ima leave u hanging in the air like I’m wiz bro
Or ima leave u hugging the breeze like I’m wiz bro.
Bad Belle dey for town me I shake them off
Bad belle dey for town me I shake dem off.

Shake dem shake dem, shake dem off my shoulders
Shake dem shake dem, shake dem off my shoulders.

This is me meen,living my dream meen
But I wonder wetin simi go really sing about if simi never see man

Did you get that?

Like wetin simi go sing about if simi never see man.

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