Top 5 Worst Songs Of 2018

The year 2017 was a year of major musical/songs hit for some musicians, while to some, it was a “get back on your feet” month, to others in was a collaboration year.

I am so sure you as a listener enjoyed most bangers that dropped in the year.

We have come up with the 2017 most worst song.

So sit back, grab a cup of chilled water and see the TOP 5 worst songs for the year 2017.

The list goes thus:-

Dammy Krane – Prayer

3 9 - Top 5 Worst Songs Of 2018

Fresh from jail with a story, Dammy Krane thought the best way to give an ‘exclusive’ about his ordeal, is put it in a badly produced song, with stolen but borrowed [as he would assume] melodies mixed with off-key singing.

I mean, what exactly were you thinking? Yes, it is okay to sing about your experience, how about do it in a great scratch that at least good way.

The song which talked about how he would love to take care of his people and how he was arrested, can best be described as a cringe-worthy effortless project from an artist that is yet to find himself talkless of his sound. No Dammy, no!!!

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