“Yahoo saved my life, Leave us alone”

tyu 1 - "Yahoo saved my life, Leave us alone"
Written by Ayomide

As many more people continue to join the movement of the #EndSARS campaign, a Nigerian big boy has decided to share his views on the campaign.

Nigerian Big Boy Slams SARS

The young Nigerian man, Star Alexzy Markson took to social media to complain bitterly about SARS harassment, and added that the authorities should focus on corrupt Politicians, instead of arresting the youths who are only trying to make ends meet.

He also shared a video which is currently making rounds on social media, saying “Yahoo Yahoo Saved My life, if not of Yahoo, Millions of Nigerian Youths would be pushing wheelbarrows or be armed robbers, Sars Police should stop disturbing us”.

Watch the Video HERE

Shirts Gif 2 - "Yahoo saved my life, Leave us alone"

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