Evil mum who starved daughter, 7, to death and abused five other children free after just seven years

An evil mum who starved her seven-year-old daughter to death and neglected five other children has been freed after just seven years in jail.

Angela Gordon, 42, and stepdad Junaid Abuhamza admitted killing little Khyra Ishaq in 2008 in a crime that shocked the nation.

When paramedics found her, Khyra weighed just 2st 9lb (16.5kg) and was severely emaciated.

She was rushed to hospital but died.

Gordon and Abuhamza kept Khyra and five other children in squalid conditions in a house in Handsworth, Birmingham.

During a trial, jurors heard Khyra died after contracting an infection caused by months of deliberate starvation.

Khyra Ishaq
Khyra Ishaq

PAY KHRYA ISHAQ MUM FREE AFTER 7YRS - Evil mum who starved daughter, 7, to death and abused five other children free after just seven years
Khyra weighed barely 2 stone when she was found by paramedics

Cupboards in the house were stocked full of food but were padlocked or kept out of reach.

Now Khyra’s dad Ishaq Abuzaire has told how he found out Gordon has been released from prison via a letter from the NSPCC charity.

She served just half her 15-year sentence for manslaughter and child cruelty charges imposed in 2010.

Ishaq claims no one from the Ministry of Justice had even warned him that ex-wife Gordon was being freed.

The 46 year old from Duddeston, Birmingham said: “It is ridiculous.

“I don’t know where [Gordon] is. I was never told. They only told me the month she would be released.

“Angela has got out after seven years, only serving half her sentence but I’m still suffering.”

Six months before Khyra died, Gordon had taken her out of school to be educated at her home.

But social services were not allowed into the property by Gordon and mentally ill partner Junaid Abuhamza after the school had raised concerns about her diet.

Birmingham Crown Court heard how the children were beaten with a bamboo cane and drenched in water then forced to stand outside freezing in her underwear.

She and five other children were only ever fed from bowls in their upstairs bedroom like puppies.

They were given tiny portions or not fed at all as part of a strict code introduced by Muslim convert Abuhamza designed to teach them the ‘Islamic perspective about being dutiful to your parents.’

PAY KHRYA ISHAQ MUM FREE AFTER 7YRS - Evil mum who starved daughter, 7, to death and abused five other children free after just seven years
Ishaq is furious Angela Gordon has served only half her sentence

In her trial, the judge then ordered that Gordon was found not guilty of murder but she and her partner pleaded guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility. Abuhamza was given an indefinite sentence.

Dad Ishaq added: “They should have been convicted of murder. She was smart and caring for her children until she met Abuhamza, she would not let strangers in the property.

“Police pushed for a murder charge because the cupboards were full of food and they put locks on the doors to stop the children getting it, they believed it was deliberate. It was a conscious decision.

“She was manipulated and she made mistakes, he took advantage of the situation after we split in 2006, everyone knew what she was like but no one thought she would allow it to happen.

“They will never get what they deserve, they will change their identities but one of the children heard she maybe in Scotland.

“They got off lightly, it was like the courts made excuses for them. Abuhamza claimed he had been abused by his own parents, if that was the case you wouldn’t want that for other children, he was old enough to know right and wrong.

“They had no excuses, the law is clear, the book should have been thrown at them.”

Fellow prisoners, sickened by the crimes, attacked Gordon on three occasions in Eastwood prison, Gloucestershire, it emerged.

PAY KHRYA ISHAQ MUM FREE AFTER 7YRS - Evil mum who starved daughter, 7, to death and abused five other children free after just seven years
“They will never get what they serve,” Ishaq said

PAY KHRYA ISHAQ MUM FREE AFTER 7YRS - Evil mum who starved daughter, 7, to death and abused five other children free after just seven years
The funeral of Khyra Ishaq

And in a sick twist she then bloated to 18 stone while serving her sentence.

A Serious Case Review into the tragedy found the children had been let down social workers, health staff, teachers and police.

The 180 page report, published by Birmingham’s Safeguarding Children’s Board, said: “Whilst a number of agencies and individuals sought to deliver effective services to the child … there were others who lost sight of the child and focused instead upon the rights of the adults, the adults’ behaviours and the potential impact for themselves as professionals.”

Ishaq said: “Khyra was a very bright child, bouncy and full of life, that’s the only memory I have of her, apart from when I had to identify her in the hospital, seeing her go from one to the other was heartbreaking.

“There were so many emotions, you have to keep calm and in control but it’s hard to fight your anger.

“I have loads of pictures but I can’t look at them, I can’t visit the grave because I have to try and move on without being angry at everyone.

“Some of the hearings I couldn’t attend when they were describing what they had done to the children and were showing pictures, I just couldn’t face it, I didn’t know what my reaction would be.

“The local authorities have now accepted liability for the children’s suffering but there is still a claim against them for human right violations.”

Following the sentencing, Ishaq Abuzaire successfully sued Birmingham Council for negligence but the other children affected remained in care.

Ishaq added: “The events that have followed Khyra’s death have kept me occupied up until now, it has been out of the media spotlight but it has been ongoing for eight years.

“Everyone thinks it ended after the court case but care proceedings continue after that, for the other five children.

“What happened after that event has been hard to explain, it’s a constant reminder, the city council fail to understand that I am also a victim of this just like the children. I didn’t suffer like they did but I lost a daughter.

“I saw the children occasionally after I split from Angela, I was out of the country when I received a text message to say that Khyra had died and the other children were in a bad way, I flew home and the police met me and told me everything.

“I have no idea what came into their mind to make them do this, I can’t even begin to imagine, at the time I was focused on the court case.

“I haven’t had time to contemplate after eight years of this, you need to sit down and reflect on what’s happened and I never got to do that.

“I feel angry because of the influence Junaid had over Angela, he should have never been in the property, she would never have done that, no one knew he was living there, the children were too scared to say anything.

“I saw the children seven days before Khyra’s death, they looked odd, but I hadn’t seen them for such a long time before that, I knew they had changed but I had never seen signs of malnutrition before.

“They had no fat on their cheeks and they looked slim, I was frustrated that it was my lack of knowledge that meant I didn’t pick up the signs.

“My problem was the number of opportunities the council had to step in and they did nothing, they are incompetent of carrying out their duty.”

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